• Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga teaching. I learned so much from you and very much enjoyed our sessions. The yoga not only rejuvenated me physically but also gave me a sense of peace and tranquility. You are an extremely talented yoga teacher and your dedication and commitment to both the physical and spiritual practice truly inspired me.

    Our vacation to the Maldives was just magical and thank you again for being a part of making it so wonderful for me.
    Monica Shah
  • I specifically loved my yoga classes in the morning and at sunset with Avantika. Her classes were amazing! You can tell that she lives and breathes yoga. Very interesting classes tailored to each level of experience and so much wisdom about the body and spirit. Thank you again for making my vacation unforgettable.
    Karla Rothmann
  • Avantika is extremely skilled and knowledgeable and after two weeks of regular practice with her my body felt more flexible and relaxed than ever. I can highly recommend you take advantage of yoga with her to refresh your body and mind.
    Sebastian Potthoff
  • Avantika’s yoga classes were challenging and inspiring. Her guidance kick-started a routine that we’ve been able to keep going with now that we are back home.
    Dale M
  • Often my thoughts are fragmented and I am, even more so. When words make no sense and the heart tumbles from one feeling, into other, the brain seeks a refuge. Some years ago, that refuge would have looked more like a to-do list. An endless assortment of competition driven pursuits. But now, alignment is what I sought. It was one of those days when I wrote to Avantika. We have been instagram neighbours for long. She taught me too. Somatic movement. It would be many years before I find that kind of sync in my body, in my thoughts. But for now, the tenderly handcrafted Caspian Tiger keeps me rooted. As the sandalwood energies get infused within the room, I turn inwards. Not knowing how or why. but just being, just breathing. I don't know much about essential oils but I trusted Avantika and she sent a parcel brimming with healing nourishment for the senses."
    Shilpa Chaudhary
  • I’ve been using Romeo’s Romance for the past couple of weeks since I began to slowly & intermittently, head out. The earthiness in the scent of the body oil has been instrumental in bringing a grounding effect in the midst of all the coronavirus-related anxiety. It’s almost like carrying serenity around in a little jar and having accessibility to it has been super comforting for my mind. Just a whiff off of my wrist and I’m back to the present! Also, hypersensitive skin! And no rashes or redness have shown up. So my body is just as happy as my mind, if not more. Thank you!”
    Anuradha Deshpande
  • Loved the chamomile tea. Relaxing with White Oudh Candle is also my favourite. Chilling with your products brings a smile and allows me to be present with myself.
    Khyati Desai Modi
  • One of the smartest fitness decisions I've taken is to practice and learn yoga from Avantika. I first took a class with her in 2016, and I've been hooked since. She has taught and guided me through some really tough phases of my life, including an accident which had doctors suspecting that I may not be able to straighten my arm again. What stands out about Avantika is her remarkable ability to combine her academic knowledge with the physical and mental practice to gently guide her students towards progress. She is an extremely keen observer and very invested in the well-being and growth of those she teaches. Her own evolution as a teacher and practitioner has seen us seamlessly move between Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Her constant desire to learn and improve herself as a teacher is not only a rare and refreshing attribute but it also adds new dimensions to the practice such as her ability to bring in somatic therapy and aromatherapy into your practice. I cannot recommend practicing with her enough!”
    Kamayani Singh
  • I had an enriching Ashtanga practice with Avantika. While I was introduced to the world of yoga through Vinyasa, learning Ashtanga enabled me to build my own practice. Lessons with Avantika taught me the importance of focusing on my breath, coming to my yoga mat with an empty and focused mind, devoting yourself completely to the practice for an hour. While I experiment with different forms in classes now, I always come back to Ashtanga when practicing on my own.
    Richa Sharma
  • Learning under Avantika has not only helped build on my yoga practice, but has also enriched my physical awareness while training my martial art. Avantika's body-work with athletes is excellent, and I'd especially recommend her to anyone engaging in an arduous physical activity. Her practice helps to challenge, heal, rest, recover, and fully immerse in the mind-body experience - it's all connected!
    Manasi Rathore
  • To me yoga means Avantika. I have learned a great deal of yoga, especially Ashtanga yoga with Avantika for almost 3 years. She is unlike any other teacher that you come across. She knows her subjects well, to the core. Don’t see her just as someone into yoga. She is versatile. Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Reiki, Pranayama, Meditation, Restorative yoga, Classical Ballet and what not. Oh my god! and yeah, somatic movements… :)
  • The master of yin yoga- with a voice that is so soothing, it can bring anyone into a deep meditative state."
    Andrew Rowe
  • I had a transformative experience with Avantika and her classes in Sicily"
    Megan Filippini
  • Avantika Kochar is an amazing teacher having a very excellent style of imparting yoga training. I have learnt different styles of yoga from her like Hatha, Ashtang, Vinyasa and Pranayama. I wish her luck for all her future endeavors."
    Anjali Sharma
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