Our company started with soulful work in the education industry through movement- dance, sports, visual arts, music and theatre; along with sustainable participation and provision through health seminars in different villages of India, specifically focusing on girl education. Perhaps the expansion happened in 2013 when the focus was on dance styles classical ballet and contemporary; and its supplementary training through pilates, alexander technique, yoga etc by providing workshops and classes along with curating and managing events like retreats, weddings and corporates in the country. At the moment our company is global and works with people, organisations, ideas and cultures around the world. We are academically providing education, resources and training for pre professionals and professionals in the arts. Along with a separate journey in the wellness segment with an emphasis on both mind and body through somatic movement therapy, movement and health workshops, yoga holidays, 200hr yoga teacher training, spa and beauty, travel experiences, pop ups and a wide range of organic and natural products.

I am Avantika, Managing Director and Founder of studio avantZgarde. My goal here is to equip everyone with full insight towards mind and body. I do that with special tools. In 2021 - practising, teaching, training professionals and sharing somatic embodiment, yoga studies, experiential anatomy, physical rehabilitation and therapy, wellness consultancy, motivating upselling retail sales and movement workshops along with schooling bodies in nutrition, recuperation and many other holistic techniques.

An episode about movement, morality and motivation for life and work.

Avantika Kochar shares her reflections on solitude and its role in everyday life. The dialogue is fun and inspiring with deep insight on how to incorporate play in life, if you love what you do - you don't have to work a day in your life.

something somatic

a wellness initiative by Avantika Kochar to help you tap into your mind, body and soul.

handcrafted candles

- C  A  S  P  I  A  N    T  I  G  E  R –

Handcrafted 100% natural essential oil candles
Inspired by Caspian tigers that went extinct in 1970s

Fire holds will, vitality and passion
Fire burns, transforms and cleanses

Here in the spirit of fire through our handcrafted pure soy wax candles, we are embodying the yang wisdom where we begin to recreate the spirit of a prestige animal that went extinct because of hunting

CASPIAN TIGER in our urban landscape to seek center – Dan Tian, bodily golden stone creating awareness beyond familiar through fire. Bringing olfactory sensing as an elixir of life field

oils & serums

A wide range of oils for body, hair and face. For all skin types from sensitive, oily to dry; we provide aromatherapy, nourishment and fine quality in all our products. You also have the option to customize based on the base oil and fragrance you like.

essential oils

Pure essential oil and blends available in 10ml and 30ml.
- Tea Tree
- Vanilla
- Ylang Ylang
- Lemongrass
- Germ Fighter Blend
- Blissful Magic Blend
- White Lily
- Cinnamon
- Bergamot
- Orange
- Lavender
- Lemon Zest
- Lemon Eucalyptus
- Frankincense

herbal teas

V a r s h a – Herbal Teas
Inspired by m o n s o o n

Water holds emotion, intuition and compassion
Water is a shape shifter, fluid and flexible

Here in the spirit of water through our tea blends, we are embodying the yin wisdom where we begin to understand who we are with a deeper sense of consciousness

V a r s h a is elixir with magical powers to cure, improve and preserve your health and well-being. Handcrafted in India but flowing around the world – our finest flavours for feelings to flow

bath & body

Cruelty free soaps


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Come explore your journey in movement and breath with lots of sunshine, fresh breeze, beaches, mountains and opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Deepen your knowledge in body and mind through our workshops in dance, creative writing, somatic studies, composition, movement, yoga and experiential anatomy.

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