Our company started with soulful work in the education industry through movement- dance, sports, visual arts, music and theatre; along with sustainable participation and provision through health seminars in different villages of India, specifically focusing on girl education. Perhaps the expansion happened in 2013 when the focus was on dance styles classical ballet and contemporary; and its supplementary training through pilates, reiki, alexander technique, yoga etc by providing workshops and classes along with curating and managing events like retreats, weddings and corporates in the country. At the moment our company is global and works with people, organisations, ideas and cultures around the world. We are academically providing education, resources and training for pre professionals and professionals in the arts. Along with a separate journey in the wellness segment with an emphasis on both mind and body through somatic movement therapy, movement and health workshops, yoga holidays, spa and beauty, travel experiences, pop ups and a wide range of organic and natural products.

An episode about movement, morality and motivation for life and work.

Avantika Kochar shares her reflections on solitude and its role in everyday life. The dialogue is fun and inspiring with deep insight on how to incorporate play in life, if you love what you do - you don't have to work a day in your life.